Discreet Sound System Cancels Reverberation in Lebanon Church

A house of worship situated in the seaside town of Jieh, Lebanon has been undergoing renovations since the construction boom at the end of the country’s civil war in 1990. Still unfinished, the Our Lady of the Star Church has recently opened its doors to the parish for service.

Before the first congregation, church representative Mr. Georges El Azzi approached the professional team of system designers at Beirut-based distributor Prolites to support him with a complete overhaul of the church sound system. His main requirement was a discreet, yet powerful sound system to suit the necessities of the church audio and for it to be installed quickly in time for the opening.

With sleek, compact design and high-quality sound performance, Prolites proposed K-array speakers in a setup that integrates seamlessly with the interior of the church and meets the client’s exact expectations.

A pair of two white Kobra-KK102 loudspeakers coupled with two Kobra-KK52 half-meter loudspeakers were installed in a line array on each side of the nave. These speakers provide true line array characteristics, phase coherence, low distortion and focused listening in both the near field and at a distance from the speaker. The system was completed with two Thunder-KMT12 powered 12″ subwoofers.

To fulfil the live sound needs of the choir, two KF12P full range multi-purpose speakers were installed for monitoring. Coverage the altar area was achieved with two Kobra-KK52 line arrays. The full audio setup was controlled with one Kommander-KA84 and one Kommander-KA24 audio poweramplifier and processor.

“The results were outstanding and exceeded our expectations,” said Mr. Azzi, who highly admires the work done by the team and the quality of the church sound system installation and added: “I strongly recommend this K-array system for its innovative design and high quality.”

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