Mira from Aveo Systems Making Things Easy

Collaboration should be easy.  Why make things more complicated than they need to be?  Looking for a simple, easy to program, and easy for your client to utilize for their conference room, huddle space, or collaboration space… look no further than Aveo Systems.  

The Mira Connect does exactly what it sounds like, it connects people.  Helping your clients make audio and video conference calls with greater ease of use. A simple interface that looks great, will offer the user a great experience.  

Mira Connect allows seamless, and easy control of all of the devices within the room.  End users will love the interface, and you will enjoy happy customers!

Improve Productivity for Users, Partners, and IT teams

Mira Connect is designed for the users who collaborate and want an easy-to-use control system, for the facility and technology managers who are responsible for delivering outstanding experiences, and for the AV integrators who design, install, and manage these systems.

Delivers Consistent User Experience

Mira Connect has been designed to make it easy for users to connect to meetings and utilize conference room resources including audio conferencing systems, video conferencing, local displays, projectors, and more.

Easily Manage From Anywhere

Manage rooms and equipment securely via Mira Portal, our cloud-based platform. Every room can be managed remotely, text alerts can be sent automatically if rooms go offline, and room analytics can be generated by room, site, or organization to drive deeper understanding of how rooms are used.
The Mira Connect will make it easier than you could imagine.  Are you ready to be in control?  Learn more about Mira Connect.

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