Vicoustic Academy 6th Edition


If you missed this 5th Edition of Vicoustic Academy don’t worry. It is coming back once more for an Intensive 2-Day Training Program in October 26th and 27th, and you have the chance to register for the Early Bird packages until 31st August!

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The Vicoustic Academy Room Acoustics course is an intensive 2 day training program for all who want to understand and experience how sound energy interacts with materials inside rooms and its influence on the room’s acoustical response. Participants will not only learn the acoustic principles of sound behaviour in rooms but also experience them, at the Vicoustic R&D Center. Our unique laboratory facilities include a variable volume Reverberant/Anechoic

Chamber and a Multifunctional Room with magnetic walls that allows the easy assembly and disassembly of any line up of products to study their performance and influence on the room acoustics.
This course gives a unique hands-on experience that will go through every step of the room acoustical design process, material testing and listening the final acoustical result for different types of treatment.


The aim of this course is to train students to carry out the acoustics design of different types of rooms, in accordance with state-of-the-art standards and guidelines. Although the full design and detailed specification of all aspects of architectural acoustics is beyond the scope of this course, it is expected that students will gain understanding of the principles and practice involved in the acoustic design of different types of spaces.

The general goal is to illustrate and work with the fundamental aspects of the acoustics of different types of rooms from concert halls and theatres to restaurants, museums, schools and studios, amongst others. Specific goals include:

  • To introduce the students to the concepts and techniques employed in the calculation of room acoustical parameters in rooms.
  • To give the student direct experience of the design process of the acoustics of a room for different purposes.
  • To allow the student to interact with different acoustic products for particular applications.
  • To give the student experience with the application of design concepts to a real room, enabling the use of different materials and solutions for specific purposes.


The course is intended for undergraduate or postgraduate students, researchers and professionals, ranging from architects, designers and engineers to musicians and sound technicians, who would like to get a further insight into the concepts and applications in room acoustics.


Only 10 candidates are accepted in this edition of the training. A selection process will be carried out, based on the analysis of the candidate’s CV, to be sent when applying for enrolment.


After this training the trainees will be able to:

  • Determine the correct acoustic criteria to apply in different types of rooms.
  • Identify, describe and select acoustical parameters for different applications.
  • Use calculation tools for room acoustics.
  • Find adequate solutions to correct the acoustics of various types of rooms – classrooms, restaurants, rehearsal room, listening room, offices, studios and auditoria.
  • Use proprietary software or a spreadsheet (supplied or self-generated) to calculate relevant acoustical parameters.
  • Understand the modal behaviour of rooms in the low-frequency range.


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