Clear Portable Speakers Boost Conference Room Audio System for Italian Charity

Dynamo Camp is a recreational therapy camp, the first of its kind in Italy, specially structured to host ailing children in who are in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period, free of charge for holidays and/or a relaxation period.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, the program consists of a wide range of fun, creative and expressive activities, structured on the basis of the recreational therapy model. Given its generosity and approach oriented to the solution of social needs, the Dynamo Camp is very esteemed to the public and business partners alike, which is why K-array is very honored to be chosen to provide an audio system.

Integrator Maurizio Carresi worked closely with Italian distributor Exhibo and K-array product specialist Daniele Mochi to provide clear, spoken word in the form of an audio system capable of being relocated to the many different areas in the vast campus, such as the cafeteria, the gym, or even outside when the organization engages in outdoor events. The first location the system was to be setup however, was the conference room.

When the team entered the room, they immediately realized the big challenge they faced. With more than 6s of reverberation time, the intelligibility was so poor that it was hard to understand each other when talking a couple of meters apart. In fact, the room had absolutely no acoustic treatment and the vaulted ceiling only exacerbated reverberations.

In order to boost the intelligibility, the best conference room audio system in these cases is one that avoids sending sound towards the ceiling which is why K-array’s Pure Array Technology (PAT) line array elements were the only possible solution. A 2-meter long PAT column has a dispersion angle of less than 5 degrees on the vertical plane, than the amount of energy sent towards the ceiling is minimal.

The team decided upon a hybrid portable speaker system using the heads of a Pinnacle-KR202 and the bottoms of a Pinnacle-KR102 meaning one Thunder-KMT12 self-powered subwoofer per side driving two Kobra-KK102 loudspeakers per side. This is because the smaller 12” portable subwoofer speaker has enough power to drive the audio system and is more appropriate for spoken word and perfect for the conference room.

“When we switched on the system in front of the client and we started talking into a microphone, he couldn’t believe the words were so clear. Having strongly reduced the reflections from the ceiling, listening to the speaker was finally a pleasure.” -Maurizio Carresi, integrator

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