NAMM Product Highlight: K-array Anakonda

This year, K-array has a great booth!  They are showing a whole host of products, but the major draw always seems to be the Anakonda.  What is better than “flexible” sound.  Well, the Anakonda takes that idea to a whole new level.  Flexible is its middle name, and for good reason.

The Anakonda-KAN200 is the best pro audio speaker system for any distributed sound application. Its lightness and flexibility help it to be easily integrated in existing structures. Like every K-array product, the Anakonda-KAN200 is a revolutionary speaker module that before its existence, was unimaginable. It is designed as a problem solver for situations where a traditional speaker box can’t be used but where good intelligibility, ultra-reliability and a sleek design are required.

Come check out the Anakonda and hear it for yourself!  More info on Anakonda: 

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