Road to InfoComm 2017: the all-new Juice Goose CloudGate

CloudGate ensures device connectivity, network security and data bandwidth for remote and mission critical applications. The on board processor automatically resolves common communications problems associated with wired and wireless communications.

It has many I/O options. In a “cellular” (C2E) configuration data travels on a private wireless network not connected to Ethernet routers. In a “hybrid” (E2E) configuration, CloudGate provides cellular redundancy for an Ethernet based link and ensures communications continuity in the event of a primary network failure.

Extensive application development is possible with CloudGate. An on board Linux based processor, data storage and several optional I/O expansion cards provide CloudGate with a broad range of additional applications that allow system integrators to tailor the product to their solution as it accommodates site specific requirements.

The unit  incorporates two hardware expansion slots that allow CloudGate to be enhanced with GPS, additional wireless or hard wired network interfaces or with electronic sensors or components. CloudGate also allows simple integration with customer or system integrator middleware and applications.

The automated cloud provisioning system means that each device can be set with its own custom configuration and image that is automatically loaded from the cloud when it initially connects to the internet.

Juice Goose iP Series products provide web based AC power control and monitoring to AV, telecom, security and other system components.The option of accessing iP via CloudGate provides a backup communications channel to ensure continually functional power control and monitoring in cases of primary network failure. CloudGate may also perform as the primary communications link with Juice Goose iP Series when Ethernet connection is impractical or not desired for security reasons.

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